Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Program

The TAG program assures HVCC students pursuing their associate’s degree with acceptance to the University at Albany (UAlbany).

Students will receive UAlbany support services during their two years at HVCC, and must maintain GPA minimums* and meet guidelines specific to their academic programs. Once they earn their HVCC associate’s degree, they are guaranteed admission to UAlbany.

During their first two years, students will have outstanding advisement from HVCC with supplemental support from UAlbany, including an academic advisor, a UAlbany ID card, peer mentoring, and research opportunities with UAlbany faculty, as well as access to UAlbany online courses, workshops and events.

Based on the student’s academic goals, mapped pathways have been setup that will link their Hudson Valley associate's degree to a UAlbany bachelor’s degree. If students take all the courses on their map in the order the maps articulate, they should be able to graduate with both their associate's and bachelor’s degrees in four years. Upon earning their associate's degree, if they are earning a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and are in good standing with their campus judicial system, their application fee to UAlbany will be waived and they will be guaranteed admission to UAlbany.

In addition to the admission guarantee, TAG offers several support structures as benefits to being part of the program and we are always working on more ways to assist students in this program. Current benefits are:

  • Meetings with Academic Advisors at both Hudson Valley and UAlbany.
  • Meetings with Financial Aid Advisors at both Hudson Valley and UAlbany.
  • Invitation to UAlbany Visit days on the UAlbany campus throughout their time as a student at Hudson Valley.
  • Connections to UAlbany staff and faculty while students at Hudson Valley and planning to come to UAlbany.
  • Invitation by UAlbany departments to alumni and job talks while students at Hudson Valley.
  • Access to Albany events while a student at Hudson Valley.
  • Peer mentor programs through the Transfer Student Services at UAlbany.

*NOTE: Some UAlbany programs require a cumulative GPA of above 3.0. More information is available on the UAlbany Transfer Admission Requirements webpage.

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