Note Taker Accommodation Procedure

A student has “Note Taker or copy of instructor’s notes” checked off on their Accommodation form. Now what do I do?

Please make a general announcement that the Center for Access and Assistive Technology (CAAT) is looking for a note taker for the class and ask anyone interested to contact you.

Someone has volunteered. What do I do now?
Please have the volunteer contact the CAAT at or by phone at (518) 629-7154. The note taker will need to complete the HVCC hiring process as well as note taker training.

No one has volunteered to take notes. What should I do now?
Please make the announcement again. You may inform the students that this is a paid position and they will be compensated. If no one volunteers after that, please let DeAnne Martocci at know as soon as possible. She will need to find a note taker to place into your course for the sole purpose of taking notes.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate reach out to our office at or (518) 629-7154.

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