Career Coach

This powerful online service uses comprehensive labor market data to help you find careers that match your strengths — and discover programs that will prepare you for success!

  • Are you wondering what career path you should pursue?
  • Or which careers you can explore with a degree or certificate?
  • Are you looking to switch careers, heading to college from high school, or transitioning out of the military?
  • Perhaps you are not sure what people do or how much money they make in certain careers that pique your interest?
  • Would you like to know how many jobs are predicted to be available in a particular industry?

Career Coach is just the tool you need!

  • Explore this free online career resource
  • Determine your academic career path at Hudson Valley Community College
  • Transition into a new career
  • Create a resume that communicates knowledge and skills to a potential employer

Career Coach features:

  • Career Assessments to help you identify possible career paths right for you
  • Pathways to Hudson Valley Community College Degree and Certificate Programs
  • Local Employment and Wage Data
  • A Resume Builder tool and Current Job Postings

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Career Coach Tutorial

Career Coach helps students find in-demand careers that match their personalities and strengths.
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