Patient Bill of Rights

College Health Services recognize the following individual rights of our patients:

  • The right to competent, respectful, considerate and dignified care without regard to age, race, color, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, sex, or national origin.
  • The right to confidentially of all Protected Health Information (PHI), to privacy during examination, treatment, discussions and consultations To access medical records when requested in writing.
  • To know the name and position of the person(s) attending to you via identification badges.
  • To refuse or approve the release or disclosure of the content of his/her medical record except as required by law.
  • To refuse referrals and accept the consequences of doing so.
  • The right to be an active participant in treatment, education and follow-up to promote a healthy life by being given, when possible, information regarding diagnosis, treatment and prognosis, and by being accepted as a decision maker by Health Service professionals.
  • The right to information concerning; student health fee, to know what is billable to you before services have been rendered, all available services, follow-up care, change providers.
  • The right to know the name of the staff member attending to you via identification badges administering care and the right to change to another care giver if you wish.
  • The right to voice complaints by filling out a patient survey.

Patient Responsibilities
In order to ensure prompt, thorough, effective care, patients must cooperate by fulfilling the following responsibilities:

  • Provide complete and accurate health history to the best of his/her ability about his/her health, including any medications, over the counter preparations, supplements being used and any allergies or sensitivities.
  • Follow the treatment plan prescribed by his / her provider and participate in his/her care and ask for clarification and explanation if health care responsibilities are not understood.
  • To keep appointments at the Health Service and any appointments off campus that has been arranged by College Health Service personnel.
  • Provide a responsible adult to transport him/her home from the facility and remain with him/her for twenty-four (24) hours, if required by his/her provider.
  • To be courteous, respectful and considerate to staff when receiving Health Service care.
  • Keep appointments at Health Service, and any appointments off campus that have been arranged by College Health Service personnel.
  • Accept personal financial responsibility for any charges not covered by his/her insurance.
  • To make suggestions for improvement in our services by filling out a patient survey.

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