Health, Physical Education and Exercise Studies

The Health, Physical Education and Exercise Studies Department offers programs and courses in the fields of exercise, wellness and education; specializing in a growing number of related careers that have emerged over the past decade.


The department offers the following degree and certificate programs:

Coaching Certificate
This certificate provides all of the mandated coursework required for those who wish to coach in the New York State public school system.

Exercise Science A.S.
This degree is designed for those interested in beginning their educational path toward a bachelor's degree in athletic training, exercise science/nutrition, innersole, sports medicine or occupational therapy.

Fitness Specialist Certificate
This certificate is for those who wish to find or build upon a career in the growing fitness industry.

Health and Wellness Studies A.S.
Designed for students who wish to start a path toward a four-year degree in health education, community health, health and wellness or other associated degrees.

Health Sciences Certificate
This one-year certificate can provide students with coursework in the basic sciences along with a concentration in specific health science areas.

Physical Education Studies A.A.
This degree provides a foundation of liberal arts and physical education courses that can prepare you to successfully transfer into a bachelor's level Physical Education program. 

Worksite Health Promotion Certificate
This certificate covers nutrition, exercise training concepts, weight management, stress reduction and other topics that provide a foundation for those who are interested in working in wellness promotion.

Explore Programs by Career Goals


Whether you are looking to develop or improve lifetime activities, trying to tone up, or seeking to build self-esteem and develop team-building skills, we have a class for you. These elective courses are open to all students. If you have been issued an AVN number, you may add a course through WIReD. Otherwise, contact your academic advisor to schedule a course.

Physical Education Elective Offerings
PHED 132 Weight Training
PHED 133 Volleyball
PHED 134 Basketball
PHED 138 Aerobic Dancercise
PHED 139 Racquetball
PHED 141 Weight Training/Personal Fitness
PHED 142 Physical Cond./Self Defense
PHED 144 Weight Lifting
PHED 145 Adventure
PHED 146 Lifetime Fitness
PHED 148 Aerobic Boxing
PHED 149 Circuit Fitness
PHED 154 Pickle Ball/Table Tennis
PHED 155 Geocaching
PHED 156 Flag Football/Cross Training
PHED 160 Zumba
PHED 250 Physical Fitness Conditioning
PHED 236 Intermediate Golf
PHED 280 Intro to Sports Medicine

Physical education electives are continually updated to meet the changing needs and interests of our students.

Health and Wellness Elective Offerings
HLTH 130 Creating Health Relationships
HLTH 131 Stress and Health
HLTH 140 Drug Studies
HLTH 150 Weight Management
HLTH 152 First Aid
HLTH 153 Women's Health Issues
HLTH 155 Wilderness First Aid
HLTH 160 Personal & Community Health

Academic Advisement

Students in this department receive academic advisement by appointment through the department.
NOTE: Students in the Health Sciences Certificate program receive academic advisement through the Office of Student Outreach, Advisement and Retention.

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