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The Office of Student Outreach, Advisement & Retention is committed to working collaboratively with all campus departments to facilitate, support, and promote programs and activities that give students the best chance for academic success.

Efforts often begin as interdepartmental programs that, once successful, are woven into the larger institutional framework to become a part of "how we do business at Hudson Valley Community College." As a need is identified, all campus resources are considered so that responsibility for an intervention or support program does not rest solely with one department or person. It is the institutional integration of these efforts that makes them both successful and sustainable.

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Student Outreach and Support (SOS) Program

Student Outreach and Support is a phone outreach program to assist students with their enrollment, registration and problems encountered during the course of the semester. Hudson Valley employees call students to:

  • welcome them to the college;
  • inquire about early difficulties;
  • remind them to complete the admissions acceptance process;
  • encourage them to schedule courses for the upcoming semester;
  • inform them of payment deadlines;
  • encourage them to reactivate their application for an upcoming semester.

Callers also gather information from students who declare that they do not intend to return to the college and share tips for a smooth departure and reentry.

College Success Referral System (CSRS)

Hudson Valley Community College has adopted a College Success Referral System (CSRS) based on the institution's commitment to developing a systemic and integrated approach to student retention. The college recognizes that early detection of academic difficulties will increase the college's ability to offer the student access to the appropriate instructional support systems. To this end, the CSRS recognizes the importance of:

  • easing the new student's transition into the college environment;
  • early systematic identification of those students who may be academically at risk;
  • early identification of students who may be having difficulties in the classroom and;
  • establishing a common communication link between students and their instructors, faculty advisors, instructional support faculty, and department chairperson.

The CSRS has been designed to institutionally support the faculty and academic departments in the identification of and communication with students who are having difficulty in the classroom or with the college experience.

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