The Hacking and Cybersecurity degree combines criminal justice and computer information systems coursework with a strong base of liberal arts courses to prepare students for transfer into bachelor's degree programs in Digital Forensics, Cybersecurity, and other related programs.

This is primarily a transfer program, and the college has established agreements with several SUNY schools that offer related bachelor's degree programs.

Hudson Valley has two dedicated and secure computer laboratories designed specifically for this program.

This program is offered through the Computer Science and Mathematics Department.

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NOTE: Additional educational requirements and/or certifications may be needed for some careers.

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The Center for Careers and Transfer provides career resources and services and help in identifying your skills and interests and how they connect to career possibilities. Transfer counseling services are also available and a list of transfer agreements are posted.

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Linda Lim, Ph.D.
Computer Science and Mathematics DEPARTMENT CHAIRPERSON
Bulmer Telecommunications Center, Room 230

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Guenther Enrollment Services Center, Room 223