The Early Childhood degree presents you with a broad understanding of the psychological, emotional, intellectual and developmental needs of children. You will have the opportunity to explore the foundations of education and child development in a culturally sensitive, inclusive and interactive environment.

The program emphasizes direct work with children in various early childhood education settings. You will spend one day a week during your first year and two days a week during your second year placed in student teaching. These field experiences take place under the supervision of a college faculty member.

This training and coursework prepare you to work in an early childhood education setting or transfer to a four-year program. This degree qualifies graduates for jobs in public and private agencies, and at schools that serve young children, including day care and nursery school teachers, teaching assistants and substitute teachers, and staff employees in hospital pediatric wards or developmental facilities. Transfer agreements are in place with several local colleges that offer bachelor's degree programs.

This program is offered by the Education and Social Sciences Department.

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Early Childhood Education Program Overview

Early Childhood Education Program Overview

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