Students who are new to Hudson Valley Community College and matriculating into a degree or certificate program are required to participate in an orientation session that provides an overview of college offerings and services, as well as expectations of students.

Am I considered a new student if I have attended another college?
No, anyone who has studied and earned credit at another college or university is considered a transfer student. Transfer students do not need to attend New Student Orientation, however they will be invited to attend a Student Services Information Day to learn more about the college.

Am I considered a new student if I have college credit from high school coursework?
Yes, those who have earned college credit while in high school (for example, from Hudson Valley's College in the High School program, an Early College High School or from Advanced Placement coursework) are considered new students at Hudson Valley and must attend New Student Orientation.

How do I sign up for New Student Orientation?
Students may schedule an Orientation session using the New Student Orientation Registration Form. Orientation takes approximately two hours, with additional time if an optional tour is included.
NOTE: Students need to bring a photo ID (a driver's license, high school ID or a government-issued photo ID) with them to participate in Orientation.

When and how can I access the online New Student Orientation course?
The college has developed an online Orientation course for students who live more than one hour from campus or those enrolled in fully online programs. Students seeking to complete the online orientation module should contact the New Student Orientation office at (518) 629-7705 or orientation@hvcc.edu. Students who have extenuating circumstances which prevent them from attending in person orientation, should also contact the New Student Orientation office.

The online Orientation course is available 24 hours after a student is registered for the course by New Student Orientation staff. Students will be sent instructions on how to access the course once they are registered.

Does the online New Student Orientation course have the same content as the in-person session?
Yes, in general, the content for in-person and online orientation modalities is similar. However, in person orientation provides greater detail of what is expected from first-year students. The in-person session also provides an opportunity for students to receive immediate feedback and answers to any questions they may have. 

Why is it important I attend? What will happen during orientation?
Information provided at orientation helps students understand college-level expectations and shares information about academic and personal support services. Additionally, students will be shown how to access student systems, such as WIReD and Webmail. Orientation is an opportunity to become familiar with the college campus, meet support staff and new students as well.

Research shows that students who complete an orientation are more likely to feel more comfortable and succeed in their first year of college.

At in-person Orientation, student IDs, Orientation Handbooks, and college promotional items will be distributed to each student.

Immunization records will be managed; student IDs distributed, and college tours offered.

Students who take the online Orientation course will be given instructions for getting a student ID; managing immunization records and accessing online student systems.

Can I bring my parents or a friend with me to orientation?
New Student Orientation is just for new students and not parents, guardians or friends. We ask that students attend orientation by themselves because the focus of the presentation is on their responsibilities and academic success.

Student Services Information Days are scheduled for new and transfer students, parents, family members and guests. Sessions provide tips for encouraging student success; tutoring and mentoring resources; information on wellness offerings, student activities, and career and transfer planning assistance. Online registration is requested for these sessions.

Parents and family members who plan to be in the area or on campus while their student is attending Orientation are encouraged to tour the campus. Highlights include the Guenther Enrollment Services Center with the Financial Aid office; the Siek Campus Center with the college bookstore, cafeterias and social spaces for students; the Marvin Library Learning Commons and Learning Centers; the Science Center; the McDonough Sports Complex with athletic facilities including the Conway Arena and fitness rooms; and the Bulmer Telecommunications Center with classroom and meeting spaces.

What do I need to bring to Orientation?
You should bring the following:

  • PHOTO ID: Students need to bring a photo ID with them to participate in Orientation. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver's license, high school ID or a government-issued photo ID.
  • USERNAME and PASSWORD: Students should bring their Hudson Valley username and password that was emailed to their personal email account provided on their application.

What happens after Orientation?
All students need to complete the remaining enrollment steps. They can track their progress in WIReD by viewing the My Enrollment Step Checklist, which is discussed during New Student Orientation.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?
For more information about the New Student Orientation, call the Orientation phone line at (518) 629-7705 or email orientation@hvcc.edu. For assistance with WIReD or general enrollment information, please contact the Registrar's Office at (518) 629-7700.

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