Central Receiving

The Central Receiving department receives most items delivered to the campus for disbursement to the various departments. Deliveries are made campus wide on a daily basis. If the item is a piece of equipment the inventory clerk will decal the equipment shortly after it is delivered. All orders must be signed for, and in the instance of partial orders, the receiver will get the remainder of the order when it is delivered to Central Receiving. Call us for delivery of envelopes, letterhead, memo paper, etc. T

Frequently Asked Questions

What items are delivered to Central Receiving?
Central Receiving is the department to which all items, except mail deliveries and office supplies, are received when they are delivered to campus.

What if it's a large piece of equipment that must be installed?
The delivery truck must still be instructed to stop at Central Receiving to notify the senior stores clerk, who will accompany the delivery to insure proper location, placing, and receiving procedures.

What if the equipment or item being delivered requires special handling?
The delivery of precision equipment such as computer hardware, scientific equipment, or hazardous materials may require special handling that the Central Receiving staff may not have the expertise or equipment to handle.

To avoid refusal of such items you should adhere to the following procedure:

  • note where the delivery should be made;
  • the requisitioner should determine if a rigger or large heavy-duty fork lift is needed and should notify the Central Receiving staff prior to delivery;
  • the vendor should contact the Central Receiving department prior to delivery to assure that proper receiving procedures can be followed;
  • if the material is of a hazardous nature the safety officer of the college, as well as, the Central Receiving department should be notified prior to delivery of the item.

What if the item requires refrigeration or other special treatment?
If the item requires refrigeration or if it is a pathogen or other hazardous material, it should be so noted on the purchase order requisition so that the safety officer is notified. If the item is a pathogen it cannot be accepted by the Central Receiving staff, but must be delivered directly to the department ordering it.

How do I get equipment decaled?
When a piece of equipment comes on campus through Central Receiving, the senior stores clerk notifies the inventory clerk of the delivery and its location, and the inventory clerk then goes to the location and places a decal on the equipment.

How do I dispose of a piece of furniture, equipment or miscellaneous item(s)?
To remove an item(s) from your area or an area within your departmental responsibility, you will need to fill out a surplus form and have it signed off. After the form is completed, you will need to make a Physical Plant work order and have the item(s) brought to the surplus storage area. The item from there will be removed from your inventory, which will help our annual physical scan to be as accurate as possible.

Is there any extra furniture available for campus use?
There is a small inventory of items taken from surplus, due to their condition and usefulness, you can choose from. Contact the Inventory Department for further information on items in storage.

What is desk top delivery?
To speed up delivery of office supply items, we have made arrangements to have your order delivered directly to your office. When placing your order make certain you have included: telephone extension, room location and contact person.

Once my order arrives, how long will it take Central Receiving to deliver it to me?
You will receive your order within 48 hours. If this is not possible, you will be notified.

What if I have a question about the status of my order?
Call the senior stores clerk in Central Receiving at (518) 629-7137 and they will be able to advise you of the status of your order.

Why do I have to sign for an order when it's delivered?
You must sign for your order so that we will know that it was received by the person who ordered it, and that the contents were satisfactory. If there is a problem with the contents, you should let us know so that return procedures can be initiated.

What do I do if I need copy paper?
Call Central Receiving at (518) 629-7137.

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