Certificate Programs

Hudson Valley Community College considers the faculty and staff to be critical to fulfilling the college’s mission of providing “dynamic, student-centered, comprehensive and accessible educational opportunities that address the diverse needs of the community.” The Center for Professional Excellence (CPE) created these certificate programs to provide individuals with the resources and opportunities necessary to improve their craft.

To earn a certificate, participants will complete six hours of training through courses from each of three topic areas, for a total of 18 hours.

The following are available:

NOTE: Substitutions for CPE courses (such as discipline-specific conferences, seminars, workshops, and classes) will be considered satisfactory for completion of one-half or 50 percent of the course requirement in each of the three topic areas. Permission for substitutions is requested through the department chairperson or supervisor. If feasible, participants can also work with a mentor to customize an individualized program. Course Substitution Criteria

Certificate program courses are designed by in-house academic professionals as well as professionals from the community and are offered throughout the school year.

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