Medical Emergency: Serious Illness or Injury on campus

To call for assistance during ANY Emergency: Dial 911 from a campus phone or (518) 629-7210 from a cell phone. Use a red emergency phones located in campus buildings or an outdoor emergency phone identified by the blue light.

Give Public Safety as much information as you can about the nature of the emergency, including:

  • nature and location of the incident
  • number of people involved
  • any other pertinent information particular to this event

If possible, have someone else stay with the patient if you need to go to a phone. Public Safety will dispatch an officer to the scene and will also connect your call to the Rensselaer County 911 by conference call. You will receive instructions on what to do until the fire department and EMTs arrive.

Data suggests that the average response time by the Troy Fire Department and EMTs to emergency calls on campus has been in the range of three to four minutes. Every effort will be made to keep this response time as short as possible.

AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators)

AEDs are emergency medical units that may be used in cardiac emergencies to restore heart beat.

These devices are publicly accessible on campus in the following locations:

  • 400 Jordan Road, second floor lobby, suite B
  • Bulmer Telecommunications Center, main lobby, near elevator
  • Day Care Center, second floor, near room 134
  • Fitzgibbons Health Technologies Center, first floor lobby
  • Guenther Enrollment Services Center, main lobby, near elevator
  • Hudson Hall, main hall, near restrooms
  • LaPan Services Building, main hallway near restrooms
  • Marvin Library Learning Commons, behind circulation desk
  • McDonough Sports Complex, main lobby, near the ticket office
  • Science Center, Cafe lobby
  • Stadium Classroom Building, south wall of room 107
  • TEC-SMART, near room 145
  • Williams Hall copy room, across from room 123

In addition, the Public Safety Office has two AEDs which it transports to areas of need, and both Health Services and the Dental Clinic have their own units.

If you suspect a patient is in cardiac arrest, report this to Public Safety when calling. A public safety officer will respond with an AED.

Work Related Accidents and Injuries

If an injury or illness occurs on campus, go to Health Services for medical attention. An incident report will be completed while at Health Services. No claim for worker’s compensation may be processed without such an incident report which must, by law, be filed within 30 days of the incident. In the case of a medical emergency where an ambulance is called, report to Health Services upon return to work.

Employee Rights and Responsibilities under State OSHA law

As an employee of the college, you have the right to ask questions related to potential safety and health conditions in your work area. Such issues should be directed to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at (518) 629-7163 or (518) 629-7787. Or, you can report the issue to the college Safety Committee through our webpage.

At a minimum, all college employees must have safety orientation training provided by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. Additional environmental health and safety training may be required based on your job responsibilities and will be provided.

Employee Return from Illness, Injury, Hospitalization or Surgery

When returning from any protracted illness or injury, all employees must report first to Health Services to submit a physician's clearance to resume job duties. In some cases, the college physician or health service director may wish to discuss or examine the condition. This process is necessary to protect both the college and the employee. In general, "light duty" is not allowed.

Reporting a Theft or Assault

During an emergency, if a theft or assault is in progress, please call 911. After the incident has occurred, please call (518) 629-7210 so that a public safety staff member can be dispatched to take a report. Please be certain to report details such as descriptions of property and of suspects: i.e.: clothing, height/weight, hair color, eye color, etc.

Reporting a Motor Vehicle Accident

Minor property damage car crashes and/or accidents can be reported directly to Public Safety by calling (518) 629-7210. Injury accidents and more serious property damage accidents can be initially reported to Public Safety. However, we will then contact the appropriate police agency to take the report and investigate further.

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