Emergency Information and Procedures

To call for assistance during ANY Emergency: Dial 911 from a campus phone or (518) 629-7210 from a cell phone. Use a red emergency phones located in campus buildings or an outdoor emergency phone identified by the blue light.

Once you call, you will be connected with the Department of Public Safety. Explain the nature of the emergency and stay on the line for further instruction. If you call 911 from your cell phone you will be connected to a regional dispatch center. You will then need to accurately describe where you are and your call will be forwarded to the local agency. This may delay the response time as the call is re-directed.

It is suggested that you program your cell phone with the Department of Public Safety number (518) 629-7210 and also your local police agency.

Be Prepared

Communicable Disease Emergency

To ensure operational continuity and the health and safety of our community, the following provides guidance during a state disaster emergency involving a communicable disease.

Communicable Disease Emergency Plan

Safety and Health Resources

The following campus departments and resources can provide you with safety and health assistance:

  • Public Safety
    Located in the south end of the Siek Campus Center, Public Safety’s mission is to provide a safe, secure atmosphere and is open 24 hours a day. Contact Public Safety for all emergencies by dialing 911 from a campus phone or (518) 629-7210 from a cell phone.
  • Health Services
    Provides employees and students with health information and medical attention. For assistance, report to Health Services, located in Siek Campus Center, Suite 270.
  • Environmental Health and Safety
    Provides guidance and training on all occupational safety and environmental health issues. Contact the department at (518) 629-7163 or (518) 629-7787.
  • College Safety Committee
    With representatives from across campus, the committee promotes and strengthens all aspects of safety and health on the campus. You can report a safety issue to the college Safety Committee through the webpage.

Get in Touch

Department of Public Safety
Siek Campus Center, Suite 170

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.