Evacuation Guidelines for Individuals with Mobility Impairments

An individual who has a mobility or physical disability may be anyone with a permanent or temporary disability who is unable to evacuate a building independently.

The college makes every effort to schedule these individuals in first floor classes in case of the need for emergency evacuation. However, these individuals are not always in regularly scheduled classes, and may need assistance in case an emergency evacuation is necessary.

Students and employees are encouraged to identify themselves to the Center for Access and Assistive Technology as someone who may require assistance in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Guidelines for Emergency Evacuation

  • Multiple routes
    Individuals with mobility and physical disabilities should identify primary and secondary evacuation routes from each building they utilize in case of a fire or building emergency.
  • Horizontal evacuation
    The safest and easiest route may be to move into an adjoining building. Each building is designed with fire barrier structural components so that a fire in one building will not involve other attached buildings. It may be necessary for you to move to the nearest staircase. Dial the Public Safety office at (518) 629-7210 from your cell phone or 7210 from a campus or emergency phone, to notify public safety of your location and that you are in need of mobility assistance. Please wait for an officer from the Public Safety office to assist you.
  • Stairway evacuation
    Use an "Evac Chair," if available. The college has located these chairs in strategic areas of most buildings where they may be needed. An "Evac Chair" allows an individual to be strapped in and transported down stairways.
  • Relocate to a safer area
    If an individual cannot evacuate safely, it is suggested that they be escorted to a part of the building furthest from the danger area. An enclosed area, such as an office or an enclosed stairwell with a phone, is best. Landings of enclosed stairways are a good choice, as they often offer a higher fire-rating than other areas of the building and make it easier for responders to get to individuals. Use an emergency phone or any campus phone to dial 911 or a cell phone to dial (518) 629-7210 to report your exact location and nature of the emergency to Public Safety.
  • Know the Public Safety phone number
    Students and employees are encouraged to put the Public Safety phone number into their mobile device or cell phone. In addition, emergency phones are strategically located throughout many buildings, and often in areas such as enclosed stairwells, where it is safe to wait for assistance.
  • Stay in place
    If an individual cannot evacuate or relocate safely, sheltering in place may be the best option. If the "stay in place" approach is used, dial (518) 629-7210 from a cell phone to alert others as to your location. Close the door to prevent smoke and fire entry. If possible, move to a window and wave a brightly colored cloth so that emergency personnel can see where you are. DO NOT break the window unless absolutely necessary, since doing so could injure you or others and allow smoke to enter the room.

Safety and Health Resources

The following campus departments and resources can provide you with safety and health assistance:

  • Public Safety
    Located in the south end of the Siek Campus Center, Public Safety’s mission is to provide a safe, secure atmosphere and is open 24 hours a day. Contact Public Safety for all emergencies by dialing 911 from a campus phone or (518) 629-7210 from a cell phone.
  • Health Services
    Provides employees and students with health information and medical attention. For assistance, report to Health Services, located in Siek Campus Center, Suite 270.
  • Environmental Health and Safety
    Provides guidance and training on all occupational safety and environmental health issues. Contact the department at (518) 629-7163 or (518) 629-7787.
  • College Safety Committee
    With representatives from across campus, the committee promotes and strengthens all aspects of safety and health on the campus. You can report a safety issue to the college Safety Committee through the webpage.

Get in Touch

Department of Public Safety
Siek Campus Center, Suite 170

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.