Meet Seth D.

Automotive Technical Services graduate

“In my opinion, we’ve got the best teachers here at Hudson Valley.”

Think of it as the Olympics for Subaru technicians.

That’s what 2008 graduate Seth DeGraff was facing when he topped all American qualifiers a few years back and traveled to Tokyo for the 2017 Subaru World Technical Competition.

With fellow master-level technicians from 15 other countries, Seth was put through a series of hands-on challenges that tested his speed, diagnostic skill and troubleshooting abilities. He admits that it was both stressful and exciting, but at the end of the day, Seth finished in fifth place among the world’s best.

Since his days as a student in the college’s Automotive Technical Services program, Seth’s been a technician at Capitaland Subaru GMC in Glenville, and after moving from a specialization in heavy duty truck repair a few years ago, he’s been one of the area’s top Subaru certified technicians.

Maybe that’s why he was approached to be the regional representative for the national Subaru technicians competition in 2016. Seth would eventually faceoff against 12 other master technicians in the national competition and earn his way to the next stage.

What was it like travelling on an all-expense paid trip to Japan for the world competition? “It was a long flight and like anything else, some culture shock. I was lucky to have my wife there with me to enjoy it, though.”

In addition to the competition, Seth and his wife received a guided tour Tokyo, attended the Tokyo Auto Show and visited Tokyo Disney.

“In my opinion, we’ve got the best teachers here at Hudson Valley,” he said. “You get a real strong background in electrical and electronics, which is where everything is heading. I could have never won that competition if it wasn’t for everything I got here.”