Meet Tyler S.

Criminal Justice Graduate

“With his grades on the rise, he returned to the football field the following fall.”

Atlanta native Tyler Sims had offers to play college football out of high school, but had to start his football career at the junior college level because of his grades. Tyler and a friend both decided to attend Hudson Valley Community College. At midterms, both failed off the team and stopped attending classes. Due to their poor academic performance, they also both lost their financial aid.

Tyler's friend returned home, but he decided to stay in the area and get a job. He was able to save enough money on his own from the spring and summer to pay for school for the fall semester. Tyler knew he wouldn't be eligible to play football and so he dedicated his time towards improving his academic standing, utilizing the academic resources at Hudson Valley.

With his grades on the rise, he regained his financial aid in the spring and returned to the football field the following fall.

Tyler has accepted a full football scholarship to Mars Hill University and will continue his education there in fall 2018.