World of Percussion with Brian Melick

World of Percussion with Brian Melick is a series of nine videos for students, faculty and staff that are educational, entertaining and hands-on.

Each video in the series introduces students, faculty and staff to a percussion instrument from a different part of the world. In a short session, you’ll learn a bit about the history, culture and construction of each instrument. But this isn't just about watching and listening. In typical Melick style, each video ends with a virtual drum circle and an invitation to “get your rhythmic groove on” and join in!

The only prerequisite is a curious mind and a spirit of adventure. So tune in, grab a drum… or a desktop... or clap your hands and enjoy the journey!

Video Series

The World of Percussion series was created for the HVCC Cultural Affairs Program, is copyrighted by Brian Melick and is used by permission.

NOTE: Access the video series is restricted to students, faculty and staff for the Spring 2020 semester.

  1. World of Percussion: Brazilian Pandeiro
  2. World of Percussion: Nigerian Udu
  3. World of Percussion: Egyptian Riq
  4. World of Percussion: Japanese Shimi-Daiko
  5. World of Percussion: Dominican Boombakini
  6. World of Percussion: Latin/Caribbean Conga Drum
  7. World of Percussion: Peruvian Cajon
  8. World of Percussion: Shakers
  9. World of Percussion: Bells

About the Artist

Brian Melick is a highly acclaimed musician, composer, educator, inventor, touring and recording artist based in New York's Capital Region. He has appeared as a guest of the Cultural Affairs Program numerous times over the years, including a special exhibit and demonstration of his unique LEGO drum kit. For more information about Brian Melick, visit his website at  

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