ADA/Section 504 Compliance Statement

Procedures for requesting disability-related accommodations (inside and outside the classroom) for students, employees and visitors can be found on Center for Access and Assistive Technology webpage.

Hudson Valley Community College supports all students, visitors and employees in their right to file a grievance when they believe they have been denied equal access in the form of appropriate accommodations, modifications, auxiliary aids, or effective communication as described in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 as amended and/or the New York State Human Rights Law.

Resolving Conflicts

Students, employees and visitors are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the Director of the Center for Access and Assistive Technology (CAAT) or any staff member within the CAAT. The center is available to assist anyone in their attempt to resolve issues regarding equal access at Hudson Valley Community College. During any resolution or appeal process, the accommodations determined by the Director will be available to the student, employees or visitors without prejudice.

If any person feels that a satisfactory resolution is not reached, he or she should deliver a written appeal by email or hard copy to the ADA/504 Compliance Officer. The appeal should be filed within a reasonable time, and specifically set forth the grounds for the appeal and the reasons the decision of the Director of the Center for Access and Assistive Technology should not be carried out.

Requirements for the appeal can be found on the Affirmative Action webpage.

In addition to the general grounds for appeal set forth above, appeals concerning disability-related accommodations may be based on the following additional grounds:

  • Denial of full and equitable access to the programs, activities and services of the college, Faculty and Student Association, or the Hudson Valley Community College Foundation.
  • Provision of the approved accommodation will constitute a fundamental alteration of a course, program or job description.

The ADA/504 Compliance Officer can be reached at (518) 629-8110 and shall conduct an independent investigation including interviewing all parties and any witnesses deemed relevant and material to the issues raised and shall make a final determination in the matter and notify all interested parties of the final decision, in writing.

If the complaint is not then resolved, the student, employee or visitor may choose to file a complaint with the Federal Office for Civil Rights or the NYS Division of Human Rights.