Find Your Zone

User seating areas within the Marvin Library Learning Commons are designated by color zone.

The color zones match the activity supported in that area. Red zones are for silent study. Yellow zones are for quiet study. Green zones are collaborative areas intended for group work.

The zones include the public areas surrounding the Learning Assistance Center, Writing and Research Center, Computer Learning Center, and the Library on the three floors of the building. The zones provide for the range of academic activities supported within the building.

Please locate to the zone that suits your needs in our efforts to accommodate silence, quiet, and collaboration under one roof!

View the map of zones

Select a location based on your activity

Green zone: Group Study
group study that includes conversation and behavior consistent with an academic environment

Yellow zone: Quiet Study
quiet study, quiet academic conversation, texting, mobile device use

Red zone: Silent Study

NOTE: Green zones are limited to the group study rooms located on all floors of the building. The remainder of the lower level and first floor is a yellow zone for quiet student. The remainder of the second floor is mostly a yellow zone with red zones also available.