How do Workforce Development classes differ from traditional college classes?
The Workforce Development offers non-credit training courses for students who need skills training, but do not need credit or a degree for that training. Students who successfully complete a Workforce Development course earn CEUs (Continuing Education Units), which are accepted by many professional organizations, and a Hudson Valley Community College Certificate of Completion.

Are there any special requirements?
Details regarding prerequisites and minimum education requirements may be found in the individual course descriptions.

Where are Workforce Development courses held?
Our main campus in Troy, our TEC-SMART facility in Malta, HVCC South and a few other locations in the community, depending upon the availability of equipment and space. Employers may request on-site training programs.

Are online courses available?
Some courses are offered online but include in-person instructor interaction on a regularly scheduled basis. Others are online/instructor-led, while still others are online with optional in-person workshops, lab classes, or in the case of Pharmacy Technician, an internship experience.

Who takes Workforce Development courses?
People of various ages and backgrounds take our courses, including those who want to:

  • Obtain short-term training so they can quickly enter the workforce.
  • Re-enter the workforce in a new career, change in personal goals or change in work requirements.
  • Add to their skill sets, broaden their knowledge and increase their marketability.
  • Prepare for career changes, career advancement opportunities or retirement goals.
  • Work for an employer who will pay their tuition for work-related training.
  • Provide training opportunities for their employees.

We also work on grants and contracts that allow us to work with special worker populations and the specific training requests of business clients.

How often are courses offered?
Course schedules are listed with each course description.

How do I enroll in Workforce Development courses?
Go to our Registration Information page for detailed information about how to register and pay online, by fax, mail, phone or in-person.

Do I have to take the Hudson Valley Community College Placement Test?
No, a placement test is not required for Workforce Development classes.

Am I required to submit immunization records?
No, students taking Workforce Development classes are not required to submit immunization records for non-credit courses.

How much does it cost to take a Workforce Development course?
Tuition costs vary and are located in each course description.

Do I need to apply for admission to the college to take a Workforce Development course?
No, you do not need to apply for admission to the college.

Do I need a Certificate of Residence for Workforce Development courses?
No, you do not need a Certificate of Residence.

Can I use financial aid for Workforce Development courses?
No, financial aid is not available for non-credit courses. There may be other ways of obtaining tuition assistance, such as through your employer, your union, referral agencies or the local Department of Labor One-Stop Centers.

What kind of support services can I expect?
Workforce Development students have access to all of the college’s academic support services.

Do these support services include help finding a job?
The Center for Careers and Transfer office can assist Workforce Development students with writing a resume, interviewing techniques and your job search.

How do I get more information?
Please fill out a Request for More Information form and we will email or call you with the information you need.

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