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Academic Programs - School of Engineering and Industrial Technologies

Plant Utilities Technology
Associate in Applied Science
HEGIS #5317
Chairperson: Brittany Kitterman
Williams Hall, Room 128 (518) 629-7275

This program has been deactivated effective Fall 2013 and as such,
applications are no longer being accepted.

This program is designed to produce graduates who are familiar with the electrical, HVAC, steam power, refrigeration and mechanical systems found in large institutional, commercial, and municipal buildings. In addition to the technical subjects, students will study the administrative, managerial and supervisory aspects of physical plant operation.

Course work includes studies in all of the technical areas listed as well as studies in the liberal arts, humanities and social sciences. Upon completion of the 63 credit hour program, graduates will have earned the A.A.S. degree.

Courses will be offered during days and evenings contingent upon enrollment. Course offerings will be structured so as to be convenient to part-time students.

Courses Notes High School Average
Algebra or 1 unit of equivalent academic math (70 or above in the course)   70+

The estimated cost of books for the student enrolled in the first full-time term as outlined would be approximately $480.


Course No.


Credit Hrs.

AUTO 160
Industrial Relations 3
ENGL 101
English Composition I 3
ENGL 102
English Composition II 3
ENGL 110
Technical Communication 3
MATH 105
Applied Technical Math I 3
MATH 106
Applied Technical Math II 3
PHYS 120
Physics 4
PUTL 110
Blueprint Reading & Sketching 3
PUTL 120
Boiler & Steam Systems 4
PUTL 200
Heating Ventilation Air Cond. 4
PUTL 201
Utility Refrigeration Mechanics 4
PUTL 202
Industrial Electricity 4
PUTL 210
Electric Utility Systems 4
PUTL 211
Plant Operation & Maintenance 3
PUTL 212
Industrial Instrumentation & Control 4
PUTL 213
Industrial Safety 2
  (1) Humanities or Social Science Elect. 9
Total Credits Required

*or specific course equivalents as approved by the department chairperson.

(1) subject to department chairperson’s approval.

FORM 101 College Forum* 1
AUTO 160 Indust. Relations 3
ENGL 110 Technical Communication 3
MATH 105 App. Tech. Math I 3
PUTL 110 Blueprint Reading & Sketching 3
  Humanities or Soc. Sci. Elective 3
  Term Total 16
ENGL 101 English Comp. I 3
MATH 106 App. Tech. Math II 3
PHYS 120 Physics 4
PUTL 120 Boiler & Steam Sys. 4
  Humanities or Soc. Sci. Elective 3
  Term Total 17
ENGL 102 English Comp. II 3
PUTL 200 Heating Ventil. Air Conditioning 4
PUTL 201 Util. Refrig. Mech. 4
PUTL 202 Indust. Electricity 4
  Term Total 15
PUTL 210 Electric Utility Sys. 4
PUTL 211 Plant Op. & Maint. 3
PUTL 212 Indust. Instrument. and Control 4
PUTL 213 Industrial Safety 2
  Hum. or Soc. Sci Elective 3
  Term Total 16

*Required of first time, full-time students.